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Our mission

Our mission

We are the Confcommercio blockchain company financed with great success through a crowdfunding campaign. The access key for companies, public administrations and individuals to the world of blockchain through alternative services to those traditionally provided by institutional entities.

Angelo Greco e La Legge per Tutti raccomandano Notarify

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Lawyers, notaries and accountants finally have a safe space to store their most sensitive documents. Blockchain validation adds another level of security to digital and biometric signature systems.
You can guarantee the existence at any time of any document, in any format. By effectively protecting against any attempt at plagiarism by other researchers who would like to take credit for your discoveries.
Use the latest remote signature solutions to conclude contracts with your customers without having to physically move. A secure signature, valid only after verification of the facial features detected.
With Notarify the degree certificates will be counterfeit proof, thanks to our multiblockchain validation system, and easily shareable without having to resort unnecessarily to the paper format.
Protect your intellectual property by keeping your works on Notarify. They will be automatically certified and you will receive for free a certificate that unequivocally certifies the ownership of the uploaded document.
Use our APIs to easily implement blockchain technology in your project. Then memorize immutablelle the information you consider most important and offer an unprecedented level of transparency to your users.
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